MN Valley Cabinets Serving the Twin Cities for almost 50 years!
Do the cabinets come finished?

We finish about 50% of our cabinets.  Some customers and contractors prefer finishing cabinets on site.  We also have professional painters available for custom painting and faux finishes.

Do you install the cabinets?

In order to guarantee our quality, we install most of our own cabinets. On occasion, customers and contractors will pick up individual cabinets. Local furniture will be delivered and long distance furniture will be packed and shipped.

Do you design cabinets?

We build from all types of plans provided by customers and contractors or will work directly with customers on cabinet layout or using our experience to revise existing plans.

Do you work directly with customers or do we need a contractor?

We work with both individuals and contractors as well as designers and decorators.

Do you do countertops?

We try to concentrate on our cabinets and specialty furniture business.  We do provide wood tops or specialty wood tops as needed.  We also specialize in natural edge wood tops.

Do you do specialty cabinets and/or furniture?

We enjoy working with interesting woods, interesting customers, and unique wood art design.  Our gallery includes several pieces that we’ve worked on and more are in progress. FAQs